Bringing the aromatic flavours of authentic,homemade Sri Lankan cuisine to the Buckinghamshire countryside, Herali is the latest addition to the exciting circuit of restaurants offering an eclectic assortment of cuisines in the bustling city of Aylesbury.

The creation of Ganga and Kamal, Herali can date its beginnings back to their kitchen where they cooked many delicious Sri Lankan meals to give their family and friends the comfort of the flavours of home, while also offering those who have never experienced the aromatic flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine, a delicious introduction to it! On the insistence of friends who just couldn’t get enough of the unique flavours of their homemade Sri Lankan cooking, Ganga and Kamal started Rantharu Caterers, a catering company that brought the delicious Sri Lankan flavours into the homes of so many in the UK. After sixteen years of providing the best in Sri Lankan catering all across the UK, Ganga and Kamal took the next step with the launch of their first outlet, Herali!

At Herali, we are committed to providing a truly authentic Sri Lankan experience to everyone who walks through our doors - irrespective of whether they have Sri Lankan roots or not! Using only the freshest, local produce that we source from local food producers combined with spices that we roast and grind ourselves, we are able to keep our promise of authenticity for every dish on our menu. All dishes are carefully curated by Kamal and Ganga themselves after many days of flavour testing and fine tuning, so you can rest assured that we serve you everyone’s favourites and the spicy, fresh and delectable Sri Lankan cuisine on offer will be a flavour bomb like no other!

We’ve been told that picking a favourite is hard and you’ll understand why when you’ve tasted the plethora on our menu that offers you the flavours from the deep south to the central hills, up north and covering just about every area of our beautiful island home! Our pledge to provide an authentic Sri Lankan dining experience led us to using Sri Lankan cooking methods used for years by locals and family secrets passed down over the years to ensure every bite is packed with flavours of home, transporting you back to your Acchi’s kitchen or to your favourite local kothu joint on the streets of Colombo - an experience like no other we promise!

Stop by Herali and taste the difference for yourself!


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