Bringing the aromatic flavours of authentic, homemade Sri Lankan cuisine to the Buckinghamshire countryside, Herali is the latest addition to the exciting circuit of restaurants offering an eclectic assortment of cuisines in the bustling city of Aylesbury.

“Kottu” - The king of street food

“Kottu” is the most popular Sri Lankan Street food, made with shredded Godamba roti (thin wheat flour crepes), shredded fresh vegetables, mixed with Sri Lankan Herbs and Spices stir-fried on Grill with Egg/Sea food/Chicken/Mutton (served with curry sauce and salad).

String Hoppers made with (rice flour) shredded fresh vegetables, Sri Lankan Herbs, Spices stir fried on Grill mixed with Egg/Sea food/Chicken/Mutton.


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